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In support of Bloom Township High School District 206’s mission and vision, it is the mission of the Human Resources Department to support the total operation of the school district in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource – its PEOPLE. It is our goal to provide the necessary human resources and organizational culture to support the District’s mission to provide the best education possible for each and every student.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 -10. Please join us in celebrating our talented and dedicated teachers!



We are dedicated to:

  • Attracting, developing, and retaining the best qualified employees
  • Facilitating change and the pursuit of excellence in all employee related programs and processes
  • Advocating a culture of professionalism and respect for all employees to ensure a highly engaged workforce
  • Taking accountability for human resources operational and administrative excellence


Core Values

  • Customer Service:  We provide high quality service to each other, our employees and other stakeholders
  • Commitment:  We foster a culture of responsiveness, accountability, and professionalism
  • IntegrityWe behave ethically, honestly and respectfully towards our employees and other stakeholders

Be a Part of the Bloom Township Family

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Substitute Teachers Needed! Click here to apply online.


Other Resources







Recent Updates – Educators’ well-being  

  • ABCs of Managing Change: Transitions can be tricky. Discover ways to reduce stress through anxiety management, boundaries, and communication. 
  • Nutrition and Mindfulness Guide: Build a healthier relationship with food; Be more mindful and break common habits; and understand the complicated relationship between food and stress. 
  • Sleep and Well-Being: Highlights the importance of quality sleep and provides tips for better sleep.


  • Psychological Safety: Promote a positive, open and inclusive environment.
  • Trauma Informed Care: Understand the impact of trauma on students and implement trauma-informed teaching practices.
  • Responding to Others in Distress: Be better prepared with what to say or do when someone tells you they are stressed, having a difficult day, or struggling with their mental health. 
  • Reduce Test-Taking Stress:: A quick guide to help reduce test-taking anxiety and stress before, during, and after the test and some back-to-basics well-being tips for students. 

For help, text or call 800.456.6327 to: 

  1. Connect with a masters-level counselor 24/7 
  2. Schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment