Bloom Township Alternative High School


Mrs. Joubert

Mrs. Constance Joubert
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Mary Jo Bakker
Administrative Assistant to the Principal


Support Staff

Alondra Canchola
School Psychologist
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Mrs. Catrina Hylton
Social Worker
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Sheva Franklin
Social Worker
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Dr. Jarman Porter 
Graduation Coach
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Gregory Barksdale
CIBS Facilitator
Mr. Cardell Alexander
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Principal’s Message:

Greetings students, parents and families!

I am energized and excited to welcome you all to the school year 2023-2024! We hope that you had a relaxing, stress free summer and are very excited to get this school year started! Our team has spent a great deal of time this summer on developing a plan for Instructional as well as behavioral expectations to be implemented by all stakeholders in our building. It is essential that communication occurs at all levels with students, parents, staff and the community that is clear, concise and critical to ensure success for every student that enters into as well as transitions out of our building this school year.

Unified with our district messaging regarding MTSS, “Success is embracing learning and demonstrating growth,” we will be launching our school year with promoting a consistent, positive, trauma-sensitive, safe and supporting learning environment for students, staff and our families.

As members of the Alternative team, we will work to hold each other accountable to the success of our students and maintain an trauma-informed growth mindset with each other. We look forward to working with you all each and every day!

Mrs. Joubert- Principal


Principal’s Newsletter