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Bloom Township Alternative HS

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Mr. Michael Campbell, Principal

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Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd-Chambers, Dean

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Mrs. Catrina Hylton,, Social Worker

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Dr. Jarman Porter, Behavioral Specialist

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Dr. Sherman White, Graduation Coach

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Dear Parents and Students:

As I reflect on my previous three years as principal of the Bloom Township Alternative High School, I remain excited about our student’s continued social emotional development and their increased academic achievement. Last year’s success included increases in the number of graduates, student enrollment participation in paid pre-apprenticeship programs, and more college applicants being accepted for admissions. These results were achieved through our improving student attendance  . Because of you, our valued parents and community stakeholders, we hope to continue improving.

On behalf of our entire staff, we consider it an honor to work with our parents and students.  Our goals for the new school year will focus on increasing each students reading level by more than one year, every student being on track to graduate, and increased mathematical literacy for all students.

To our new students and parents, I invite you to partner with us in creating a pathway toward the college experience and career training for you child.

This student handbook is designed to provide you with meaningful information that will help you navigate your way through the entire school year. It identifies our high standards and expectations for being a member of the District 206 school community.  Take time to read each page and especially note the graduation requirements, points system, and calendar of events.

Let‘s forge ahead to experience another great school year!

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There are innovative educators who are committed to exploring new avenues to improve the quality of public education for their students. At Bloom Alternative High School, we would say that “chivalry is alive and well.”

At Bloom Township Alternative High School, we are providing lessons in etiquette for students enrolled in our afternoon program. Our goal is to help prepare students with social norms and “traditional values”, in order to advance their contribution to business and society as a whole. It’s critical for educators to provide lessons that are the foundation of Western culture and customs.

Self-discipline is rooted in a set of well-established rules of social behavior. It are these rules we now identify as Etiquette, with hundreds of books on the subject readily available to anyone who care to acquire such a book.

Students are not only taught these invaluable lessons; they receive the attire represented in their photographs.  Excel, “The Etiquette Company”, conducts our Etiquette Education classes.