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Google Apps for Education

Google Classroom

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Advanced Tips for using Google Classroom

Adding Students Manually into Google Classroom

Permanent Google Meet in Google Classroom

Setting up your Classes with Google Classroom and GoGuardian Teacher

Students adding Document to Google Classroom Assignment

Upload Video from your Iphone with Youtube App then upload to Google Classroom

Uploading Video to your Youtube Channel for Google Classroom

Use “Review”

Google Calendar

Creating Google Calendar Appointment Slots

Google Chrome

Adding a Bookmark to my Toolbar

Printing PDFs from Chrome and Adobe Reader (When your PDF doesn’t Print)

Google Docs

Hello Sign in Google Docs to create your own Electronic Signature.

Doc Tools for Google Documents

How the Insert Key Works

Open Google Apps to the Public

Read and Write Extension

Translate a Document to Spanish using Google Translate

View Only Google Document

Google Drive

Manage your Google Drive:  View, Save, and Export Tips

Google Forms

Create your first Google Form

How to Share just Google Form Responses (with Charts)


Basic Gmail for Students (Student View)

Saving an Attachment from Gmail to your Google Drive

Setting up Google 2 Step Verification

Quick Tips for Organizing your Gmail



Create A Virtual Class Classroom with Google Hangouts or Meet

Placing a Telephone Call with Google Hangouts

Google Meets (Enterprise)

Change the Layout in Google Meet to see Multiple Cameras

Using Captioning with Google Meet

Video Journaling with Google Meet

Google Sheets

15 Tips

Google Slides

Convert Google Slides to Video