January 16, 2019
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Mr. Radeke Our Auto Shop Teacher Honored by ILCTE

Mike Radeke has been selected as our regions’s ILCTE Exemplary Teacher 2019!  Mike is honored for the following practices:

  • Pedagogy–this teacher works well with students. They have an appropriate relationship with everyone and is respected and effective. They somehow seem to rise above discipline problems and have created an excellent environment for learning.
  • Curriculum–this teacher has developed (or compiled) engaging and interesting curriculum that integrates content from several academic disciplines into their own.
  • Community relations–this teacher has a great reputation in the community (including parents) and enjoys their support.
  • Business and industry partnerships–this teacher has created a dynamic support group from local leaders and regularly looks to them for input in curricular decisions.
  • Assessment–this teacher knows how their students are doing in an accurate and authentic manner.
  • Technical Ability–this teacher is skilled in the technical aspects and safe conduct of the workplace.
  • Peer interaction–this teacher works well and is respected by other teachers and administrators including counselors.
Although these words are accurate, they do fall short because they fail to recognize his compassion, his witty sense of humor and his genuine kindness that he affords everyone.  
Congratulations Mike and thank you for all that you do!!!!