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Directory of Coaches

Bloom Township 206 Coaches

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Cheerleading – Fall Varsity Coach – Niaya Howard-Taylor [email protected]
  JV Coach – Florian Wrice [email protected]
Cross Country – Boys Andrew Schmitt [email protected]
Cross Country – Girls Andrew Schmitt  
Football Varsity Head Coach – Tony Palombi [email protected]
  Sophomore Coach – Gabe Damiani  [email protected]
  Freshmen Coach – Scott Schulz  [email protected]
Soccer – Boys Varsity Head Coach – Zack Radtke [email protected]
  Assistant Coach – Kevin Droba  [email protected]
  Sophomore/JV Coach –  Gallardo  
Volleyball – Girls Varsity Head Coach – Kelly Matthes [email protected]
  Sophomore Head Coach – Matt Hunt [email protected]
  Freshmen Head Coach – Elizabeth Irewma [email protected]

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Sport Coaches  
Basketball – Boys Varsity Head Coach –  Donte Maddox [email protected]
  Head Coach Sophomore –  Timel Moore [email protected]
  Freshment Head Coach – Chad Nardi [email protected]
Basketball – Girls Varsity Head Coach – Ron Newquist  [email protected]
  Sophomore Head Coach – Coach   
  Freshmen Head Coach – Jason Keene [email protected]
Cheerleading – Winter Varsity Coach – Niaya Howard-Taylor  
  JV Coach – Florian Wrice  
Wrestling Head Coach – Tom Tong  [email protected]

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Sport Coaches  
Baseball Varsity Head Coach – Eric Stockwell [email protected]
  Sophomore Head Coach – William Tucker [email protected]
  Freshmen Head Coach – Antonio Towns [email protected]
Soccer – Girls Varsity Head Coach – Zach Radtke [email protected]
  Assistant Coach – Kevin Droba [email protected]
  Sophomore/JV Head Coach – Gallardo  
Track & Field – Boys Jeff Timms [email protected]
Track & Field – Girls Andrew Schmitt [email protected]

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