January 14, 2019
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Boys Bowling Inaugural Season

As our Boys Bowling season came to an end over the weekend I want to send a couple shout outs to our bowlers.  
We had Regionals this past Saturday and the boys did phenomenal in their first ever Regional experience.  
As a team we placed 7th.  Keep in mind, they take the top 4 teams to Sectionals.  
As individuals, they take the top 10 individuals that are not part of the 4 qualifying teams.  
With that, we had 4 individuals who missed making the top 10 by only 50 pins, which means 5 marks.  
Purley Williams (Bloom) placed 11th missing by only 3 pins.
Brandon Mitchell (Trail) placed 12th missing by only 10 pins
John Little  (Bloom) tied for 13th missing by only 25 pins
James LeBran (Trail) placed 17th missing by only 50 pins.
Both John Little and James LeBran shot their highest games of the season.  John shot a 221, and a 225, while James shot a 206!
If you see any of these bowlers today in class or the hallways, please congratulate them on their success over the 1st ever Boys Bowling season!